Concerns of Teachers about the Implementation of Information and Communication Technology Curriculum in Basic Education in Ghana

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Amankwah, Francis
Sarfo, Frederick Kwaku
Baafi-Frimpong, Stephen
Asomani, Joseph
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Research findings in the literature show that teachers’ concern about change process is extremely personal and it influences the implementation of innovation. This study aimed at assessing information and communication technology teachers’ stages of concern regarding the implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) curriculum in basic schools. It also examined the effects of teachers’ personal factors or variablessuch as gender and teaching experience on their stages of concern towards the implementation of ICT curriculum. Modified Stages of Concerns Questionnaires (SoCQ) (Hall, George & Rutherford 1979) based on Concern Based Adoption Model (CBAM) were used to collect data from 346 respondents. Data collected were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The result of the study showed that teachers generally had their first and second high concerns at informational and consequence stages respectively and with low concern at awareness stage. Furthermore, statistically significant difference was found between gender and informational, management, consequence, collaboration and refocusing concerns. However, according to the results, teachers’ stages of concerns were not related to their teaching experience.
Sarfo, F. K., Amankwah, F., Baafi-Frimpong, S., & Asomani, J. (2017). Concerns of teachers about the implementation of information and communication technology curriculum in basic education in Ghana. Contemporary Educational Technology, 8(2), 103-118.