The Impact of Cloud Computing In Developing Countries A Case Study of Ghana

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Asante, George
E.I., Promise -Egho
O. R,Agyei
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Advances in Multidisciplinary And Scientific Research
In today’s world, technology is driving the flow of change in everything. The advancement in Information and Communication Technology and the increasing demand for it is associated with high cost of resource utilization. Several organizations are making efforts to minimize the cost of computing via the means of virtualization. The response to diminish the cost of computing has brought about the development of Cloud Computing (CC). In cloud computing, administration, better-quality utilization and cost of infrastructure are reduced by providing services as pay per usage.As a service, CC is having enormous effects that are very crucial and inevitable towards the development of developing countries that want to survive in the highly competitive world. Concentration of cloud–related accomplishments is mainly in vast markets in countries such as Vietnam, South Africa, India, Brazil and China. Such does not dispute the fact that, the cloud is progressively making an intrusion into miniature markets like Ghana and other countries. This research provided the effects of cloud computing on developing countries and the possible future prospects. One vital benefit developing countries will derive from this adoption is that they will not only capitalize on value-added service delivery, but also enhance efficiency with maximized productivity. Keywords: on-demand, configurable computing resource, virtualization, bandwidth, cloud computing, outsourcing
Egho-Promise, E. I., Asante, G., & Agyei, R. O. The Impact of Cloud Computing In Developing Countries-A Case Study of Ghana.