Properties of Coconut, Oil Palm and Bagasse Fibres: As Potential Building Materials

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3rd International Conference on Natural Fibers: Advanced Materials for a Greener World, ICNF
The use of natural fibres in composite materials is attracting research interest worldwide due to the fibres ability to increase the strength, reduce environmental impact and reduce cost of the material. In this study the properties of coconut husk fibre, oil palm fruit fibre and sugarcane bagasse fibre have been investigated. Experiments on length and diameter, specific weight, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, moisture content and water absorption tests on the fibres have been conducted to determine their properties for possible use as reinforcement in composite. It was found that different fibres have different properties and behave similarly in wet and damp conditions. The study concludes that all the fibres possess properties that are acceptable as natural fibres to be used as reinforcement in soil blocks.
Danso, H. (2017). Properties of coconut, oil palm and bagasse fibres: as potential building materials. Procedia Engineering, 200, 1-9.