Embedded Library Practices in Africa: A Literature Review

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Owusu-Ansah M., Christopher
Mensah, Micheal
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All Nations University Journal of Applied Thought (ANUJAT)
Embedded library practices are being adopted in many academic libraries to integrate librarians in the research agenda of their institutions. The purpose of this study was to explore the changing role of embedded librarians in academic libraries and how African academic libraries, particularly, in Uganda, Ghana, and Nigeria are exploiting this practice to promote their expertise. The study employs a literature review approach by analysing the extant literature on the subject. The review revealed that most embedded librarianship takes the form of a librarian taking on a dual role as teacher-librarian teaching information literacy or as a co-teacher in another subject who helps with information literacy and research writing around that subject. In some other instances, librarians are involved in online programmes to compliment information literacy skills. Most significantly, the review has brought to the fore the challenge of limited literature on embedded librarianship on the African continent. However, in the selected cases in which the literature was reviewed, it was found that a number of practices are being adopted by libraries and librarians, albeit unconsciously, to integrate the library into the work of researchers in their institutions.
Mensah, M. I. C. H. A. E. L., & Owusu-Ansah, C. M. (2018). Embedded library practices in Africa: A literature review. All Nations University Journal of Applied Thought, 6(1), 126-143.