Evaluation of the Factors Influencing Time and Cost Overruns in Telecom Tower Construction in Ghana

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Danso, Humphery
Antwi , K John
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This paper, sought to empirically evaluate the factors influencing time and cost overruns of the telecom tower construction projects in Ghana. It involved a cross questionnaire administered to sixty seven responding found 15 major factors influencing time overruns and 14 major factors causing cost overruns in telecom tower construction projects. It also revealed that telecom tower construction project executed between 1992and 2011 experienced as much as 82% time overruns, and the cost of the projects increased by 50% . The paper contributes to the general body of knowledge in the area of project management particularly in Ghana’s construction industry. Recommendations are also made for clients, contractors and consultants to alleviate delays in the construction of telecom tower construction projects.
Danso, H., & Antwi, J. K. (2012). Evaluation of the factors influencing time and cost overruns in telecom tower construction in Ghana. Civil and Environmental Research, 2(6), 15-24.