Development dimensions of E-Commerce in Bangladesh: Scope, challenges and threats

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Adasa Nkrumah Kofi Frimpong
Md Nazirul Islam Sarker
Md Altab Hossin
Yin Xiaohua
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The main purpose of the study is to explore the scope, challenges and threats of e-commerce as well as its development dimensions in Bangladesh. The study uses survey findings, SWOT analysis approach and case study of two top ranking e-commerce business institutions in Bangladesh. The study also uses secondary data through extensive literature review. It reveals that there is a great prospect of e-commerce in Bangladesh with growing trust, e commerce facilities, security, people’s awareness and transformation from traditional shopping to online shopping. It also explores that people like online shopping due to its convenience, security and time saving nature. The study further reveals that quality of the product, consumer dishonesty, lack of proper cyber security in some e-commerce site, unavailable banking facility, product availability and mandatory credit card requirement are the major challenges to the development of e commerce in Bangladesh. The article suggests that a proper initiative should be taken by the government to implement ICT policy properly for smooth running e-commerce business in Bangladesh and achieving goals of digital Bangladesh.
Hossin, M. A., Sarker, M. N. I., Xiaohua, Y., & Frimpong, A. N. K. (2018, August). Development dimensions of e-commerce in Bangladesh: scope, challenges and threats. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (pp. 42-47).