Food hygiene and Safety Practices among Street Food Vendors: An Assessment of Compliance, Institutional and Legislative Framework in Ghana

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Monney, Isaac
Agye, Dominic
Ewoenam, Badzi Saviour
Campaore, Priscilla
Nyaw, Stephen
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Food and Public Health
This cross sectional study assesses compliance with eight food hygiene and safety principles among 200 randomly selected food vendors in two study locations in Ghana; Bibiani and Dormaa Ahenkro. Compliance levels were ranked according to a 5-point Likert scale based on calculated compliance scores. It also examines existing institutional and legislative framework for regulating the activities of food vendors in Ghana. Data collection was based primarily on extensive field observation and complemented by face-to-face interviews using structured questionnaires and in-depth interview with an experienced health official. The study observed a marginally good [overall compliance (OC) score = 0.67, on a 0 to 1scale] compliance with the food hygiene and safety principles with clear disparities between the two study areas: compliance at Dormaa-Ahenkro was relatively higher (OC-score = 0.71) than Bibiani (OC-score = 0.62). The pattern of compliance levels depicts very good compliance with medical screening (C-score = 0.91) but poor compliance with use of protective clothing (C-score=0.38). Statistically significant associations (p<0.05) were observed between majority (80%) of the food hygiene and safety principles and the study areas. The study identified weak institutional capacities; logistical constraints; overlapping and duplicated institutional responsibilities; inconsistent local bye-laws as key features of existing institutions and legislations, and proposes capacity building and harmonisation of institutional roles and legislations
Monney, I., Agyei, D., Ewoenam, B. S., Priscilla, C., & Nyaw, S. (2014). Food hygiene and safety practices among street food vendors: an assessment of compliance, institutional and legislative framework in Ghana. Food and public health, 4(6), 306-315.