Online personalized recommended product quality and e-impulse buying: A conditional mediation analysis

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Gyamfi, Adu Samue
Amoako, Richard
Antwi,Opoku Collins
Debrah ,Emmanuel
Jiang, Yuanchun
Amankwa ,Eric
Ampadu, seth
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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Consumer lifestyle and purchasing behavior have been significantly transformed over the past few years. At present, internet technologies make it possible for consumers to order goods and services on a go or in real-time without physically visiting traditional store outlets. This phenomenon calls for a change in marketing strategy to be able to reach consumers wherever they are. Accordingly, online marketing techniques such as personalized product/service recommendation, which makes products available to consumers, optimizing their interests and buying experience, are primal to market development. Therefore, this study examines whether or not online consumers’ (1) E-impulse buying (EIB) behavior is influenced by personalized recommended product quality (RPQ), (2) affective image (IMAGE) of, and satisfac tion (SAT) with recommended products mediate the RPQ-EIB link, and (3) online review stimulus (ORS) moderated the direct RPQ-EIB and indirect PRQ-EIB through affective image and satisfaction. Data was collected from consumers on five (5) online shops in China (N = 947). The Results showed that (i) RPQ had significant positive influence on EIB, (ii) the RPQ-EIB relation was partly explained by consumers’ affective image of, and satisfaction with recommended products, and (iii) the direct and indirect relations between RPQ and EIB were sensitive to consumers’ ORS. Theoretical and practical implications, limitations and direction for future studies were also discussed in this study.
Redine, A., Deshpande, S., Jebarajakirthy, C., & Surachartkumtonkun, J. (2023). Impulse buying: A systematic literature review and future research directions. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 47(1), 3-41.