Video Ads in Digital Marketing and Sales: A Big Data Analytics Using Scrapy Web Crawler Mining Technique

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Boansi, Kufuor Oliver
Nkrumah, Kofi Frimpong Adasa
Dagadu, Joshua Caleb
Ohemeng, Asare Andy
Akpatsa, Samuel Kofi
Bakabbey, Kulbo Nora
Dorgbefu, Jnr. Maxwell
Addo, Prince Clement
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Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science
The survival of the global economy is rooted in the production of goods, rendering of valuable services, and formulation and implementation of favorable trade policies. These goods and services supported by related policies however, must reach prospective customers unblemished in good time, through planned advertisement strategies. Advertisement over the years has evolved from the traditional one-on-one to technology induced ones such as digital marketing and sales. Technological advancement has diversified advertisement into a multi-faceted and dynamic channel with enormous growth and prospects. In this paper, we made a significant effort to identify actual online data to justify why short video (SV) adoption is essential in e-commerce and digital marketing. A total of 23589 datasets were drawn from three global B2C and C2C websites using the scrappy web crawlers to investigate a resilience model in the relationship between SV advertising adoption, quality signals, customer satisfaction, price fairness, and sales in digital marketing. Whereas shop location is vital in traditional shopping, logistics service quality overrides its influence in online shopping settings.
Clement, A. P., Maxwell, D. J., Bakabbey, K. N., Kofi, A. S., Andy, O. A., Caleb, D. J., ... & Nkrumah, K. F. A. (2021). Video Ads in Digital Marketing and Sales: A Big Data Analytics Using Scrapy Web Crawler Mining Technique. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 11(4), 52-71.