Social Engineering Attacks: A Clearer Perspective

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Asante, George
Gyimah,-Adu Samuel
Boansi, Kufuor Oliver
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International Journal of Computer Applications
This modern time has seen a rise in technology and its associated tools. The rapid development of technology has also grown along with what the researchers termed as diabolic computing. The advancement of technology has moved along with security risks and threats. Cybercriminals are aware of the prospects that the internet has in connecting billions of people across the world. Their operations have also focused on the exploitation of users since humans are perceived to be the weakest link to every firm or establishment. This human exploitation and attacks are termed social engineering. The internet community is the biggest casualty of social engineering attacks. Social Engineering attacks are dangerous and can lead to financial losses, data losses, and even denial of service. These can affect an organization‟s reputation. The effects of social engineering attacks are very treacherous. Some have long standing effects and can also result in the closedown of businesses. The study gives a clearer view of social engineering attacks. This view creates awareness of social engineering. This awareness helps to mitigate the various social engineering attacks. The study is focused on computer and internet users. The study reviewed the concept of social engineering, its various attack methods, and how to mitigate them. The study was concluded with a summary of SE attacks and appropriate countermeasures
Adu-Gyimah, S., Asante, G., & Boansi, O. K. (2022). Social engineering attacks: a clearer perspective. Int. J. Comput. Appl. s, 975, 8887.