Office Furniture Design – Correlation of Worker and Chair Dimensions

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Effah, Bernard
Adu, George
Adu, Sylvia
Frimpong-Mensah, Kwasi
Darkwa, Nicholas Albert
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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
This study aimed at determining the relationship of anthropometric dimensions of workers from several offices in public institutions with the dimensions of institution chairs. Three dimensions of the chairs in daily use were evaluated to ascertain whether the fit is sufficient and the effect on workers’ sitting posture. The study comprised of a sample of 261 workers from six public institutions in Ashanti Region, Ghana and one type of furniture. Dimensions of institution chairs were compared with three anthropometric variables of the workers. Descriptive statistics were analyzed for all variables. The study results show that furniture of appropriate dimensions is not available to a large number of workers in Ghana. Currently supplied office furniture is provided in several sizes and do not fit the users. It is recommended that work chairs may be acceptable if they are issued in four heights or individually adjustable chairs be introduced in Ghanaian institutions. Furthermore it is strongly recommended that institutions actively promote appropriate active sitting behavior.
Adu, G., Adu, S., Effah, B., Frimpong-Mensah, K., & Darkwa, N. A. (2014). Office furniture design–correlation of worker and chair dimensions. International Journal of Science and Research, 3(3), 709-715.