Shoreline Change Analysis Using End Point Rate and Net Shoreline Movement 2 Statistics: an application to Elmina, Cape Coast and Moree Section of Ghana’s Coast

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Boateng, Isaac
Jonah, F.E.
Osman, A.
Shimba, M.J.
Mensah, E.A.
Adu-Boahen, K.
Chuku, E.O.
Effah, E.
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University of Portsmouth, UK
Most coastlines in the world are under the threat of erosion. As such many developed nations 16 have instituted long-term measures to control the rate of change. However, along most 17 developing nation coastlines, little attention is given to coastal erosion management. Ghana 18 like most developing countries has little commitment to ensure the effective monitoring and 19 management of coastal erosion. Consequently, many of its coastal communities and 20 important historical monuments are now under severe risk to sea erosion. This study focuses 21 on the shoreline evolution that occurred along the Elmina, Cape Coast and Moree coast of 22 Ghana during a thirty-eight year period using available datasets that allowed the authors to 23 discern what happened between 1974 and 2005, and in the most recent years, between 2005 24 and 2012. Shoreline data from 1974, 2005 and 2012 were incorporated in Geographic 25 Information System (GIS) using ArcGIS for analysis. The net shoreline movement and end 26 point rate statistics were generated by ArcGIS together with Digital Shoreline Analysis 27 System software extension. The study identified that in all the three epochs considered, there 28 were a general erosion trend in the shoreline changes. This study has provided valuable and 29 comprehensive baseline information on the state of the coastline in the Elmina, Cape Coast 30 and Moree area which can serve as a guide for coastal engineers, coastal managers and policy 31 makers in Ghana to manage the risk.
Jonah, F. E., Boateng, I., Osman, A., Shimba, M. J., Mensah, E. A., Adu-Boahen, K., ... & Effah, E. (2016). Shoreline change analysis using end point rate and net shoreline movement statistics: An application to Elmina, Cape Coast and Moree section of Ghana’s coast. Regional studies in marine science, 7, 19-31.