Compliance In Education Institutions Based On Students Experience Survey

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Adasa Nkrumah Kofi Frimpong
Petra Maria Asprion
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In this paper, we follow a survey approach to analyse the level of compliance with study and examination regulations governing two educational institutions in Switzerland. The results revealed that compliance with automatic registration was different in the two investigated units of analysis and in both we found deficiencies in compliance-related activities. For example in both institutions the deregistration process was not compliant because students were most often not informed about the process. In addition we found a compliance imbalance regarding the extent of assessments. With regard to the examination supervision the status of compliance was much better in one of the two analysed units. However, compliance regarding lecture sessions seemed balanced.
Frimpong, A. N. K., & Asprion, P. M. (2015). Compliance in Educational Institutions Based on Students Experience Survey. In Managing Intellectual Capital and Innovation for Sustainable and Inclusive Society: Managing Intellectual Capital and Innovation; Proceedings of the MakeLearn and TIIM Joint International Conference 2015 (pp. 387-395). ToKnowPress.