The management and disposal of small scale sawmills residues at the Sokoban and Ahwia wood markets in Kumasi – Ghana

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Effah, Bernard
Antwi, Kwaku
Boateng, Ernest
Nti Asamoah, Jack
Osei, Asibey
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International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research
This research assessed how small scale sawmills residues at Sokoban and Ahwia wood markets are managed and disposed off and suggested appropriate measures for dealing with the situation of waste disposal at these industrial estates. The study was conducted at two local timber markets in Kumasi and its environs in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The study was a descriptive social survey design which sought to portray an accurate profile of persons, events and situations. To harness the needed information, a triangulation method comprising of questionnaire, interview and observation/photography methods were employed in gathering data. For primary data collection, systematic random sampling method was used to select a realised sample of 208 respondents from an infinite population comprising of wood processors, carpenters and timber sellers from the areas under survey. The study showed sawing and planing as the highest waste generation sources. Sawdust was the highest waste generated by the artisans while majority were also collecting their waste by manual clearing. The artisans have also resorted to open burning as the means of disposing their waste. There was general assertion that state authorities were not doing enough to manage waste at the surveyed sites. A significant positive correlation between methods of collecting waste and methods of disposal practiced were identified. Ideally, the easiest and most cost-effective way of managing any waste is not to generate it in the first place. Reassessing daily practices and overall product design of the artisans may significantly reduce the amount of wood waste they discard.
Effah, B., Antwi, K., Boampong, E., Asamoah, J. N., & Asibey, O. (2015). The management and disposal of small scale sawmills residues at the Sokoban and Ahwia wood markets in Kumasi–Ghana. Int. J. Innov. Sci. Res, 19(1), 15-23.