Sanitary, Health And Safety Management Of Intra -City Transport Terminals Of Ghana..

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Yalley, Paa Kofi Peter
Gloria, Osei Poku
Harold, Adjarko
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International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Science (IRJES)
A study was conducted with the aim of exploring and understanding intra-city transport terminals and their impacts on users. The research specifically studied the Old Tafo Lorry Park in Kumasi, Kaneshie Station in Accra, and Anaji trotro Lorry Park in Takoradi, examined their location, sanitary, health and safety management problems. A literature review focused on exploring transport terminals, interviews, questionnaires and personal observations were used in the study. The study discovered that the terminals at Old Tafo and Kaneshie in Kumasi and Accra respectively are sited next to markets, where various economic activities including vibrant buying and selling occur, while, the Anaji trotro terminal in Takoradi is found within residential areas located in streets, clearly suggesting that no consideration was given to the development of public transport terminals. The study also noted that with the exception of the at Old Tafo terminal there are no sanitary facilities at the other two terminals under study. Seventy four percent of the respondents described the facilities at the terminal as poor yet they are of the view that the location of the terminals be maintained due to their proximity to markets. The large number of vehicles that use the terminals in the morning and evening peak hours result in congestion at the terminals. The study concluded that the vehicular-pedestrian conflicts at the terminals could be controlled if adequate infrastructure and services are provided at the terminals. The study increased awareness of the managers of the terminals on the need to provide security at the terminals, comfort to patrons and to reduce vehicular and pedestrian conflict.
Yalley, P. P., Poku, G. O., & Adjarko, H. (2013). Sanitary, health and safety management of intra-city transport terminals of Ghana. International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Science, 2(1), 56-62.