Comparative Analysis Of Lecture Theatre Performance Parameters’ Importance To Students Learning Experience

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Fredrick, Simpeh
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Lecture theatres as integral part of infrastructures required in institutions of higher learning can impact students’ learning experience. As part of a broader study, this paper seeks to compare the perception that students from different lecture theatres have with the performance parameters of lecture theatres. A “case study” approach utilising a quantitative research design is adopted for this study. Relevant literature relating to the importance of building performance parameters to learning experience was reviewed. Data was collected by means of a closed ended questionnaire survey. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data. The study reveals that students from all the three lecture theatres perceived all the performance parameters of the lecture theatres as important to their learning experience. Although there were some differences in the response, the differences demonstrated were not significant. Lighting, structural safety, ventilation and cleanliness appear to have high mean scores across the lecture theatres while aesthetics have the lowest. The result of the research can help maintenance departments to prioritise both the maintenance of different lecture theatres and the different performance parameters of the lecture theatres. The result can also be very helpful when taking decisions at the design stage and renovating lecture theatres. The research adopted a case study approach hence the results is a reflection of one university institution; however, the findings of this study could be applied when taking maintenance decisions in other higher learning institutions.
Simpeh, F. (2014). Comparative analysis of lecture theatre performance parameters’ importance to students learning experience. In 3rd Int. Conf. Infrastruct. Dev. Africa.