The Safety Culture of Artisans at the Sokoban Wood Village Enclave, Ghana

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Effah, Bernard
Antwi, Kwaku
Adu, George
Boampong, Ernest
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American International Journal of Contemporary Research
This study was carried out to assess the attitude of artisans towards safety at the Sokoban Wood Village Enclave (SWVE). 208 master craftsmen and apprentices participated in the study. A modified safety culture questionnaire comprising of five themes on work safety was used to collect data for analysis. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics and one-way ANOVA. Results of the study showed that artisans do not receive training and supervision, have no safe work procedures, are not consulted as well as involved and receives no commitment from management on safety issues. On the contrary, there is a way of reporting safety. The study concluded that the safety culture at SWVE is not health-oriented culture and does not promote safety contrary to safety experts and as such reduce productivity of workers at the enclave. It was recommended that artisans should be educated on work safety and other related studies.
Effah, B., Antwi, K., Adu, G., & Boampong, E. (2013). The safety culture of artisans at the Sokoban wood village enclave, Ghana.