High Cost Of Material And Land Acuquistion Problem In The Constructiuon Industry In Ghana

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Danso, Humphery
Manu , Dorothy
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The main purpose of the study was to investigate the major causes of high cost of building materials and land acquisition problem which was part of a larger study that assessed the problems in the construction industry in Ghana. Data were collected from 16 contractors, 36 engineers/architects and 16 consultants through self-completion questionnaire. The findings reported were based on five-point Likert-type items relating to causes of land acquisition problem and high cost of building materials problem. Descriptive statistics, one-way analysis of variance at 0.05 level of significance and Gabriel′s post hoc test were used to analyse the data. The results indicated that the highest ranked item of cause of land acquisition problem was sale of land to multiple users, and the highest ranked cause of high cost of building materials was high cost of manufacturing of materials in the construction industry in Ghana. Recommendations for Government and Authorities in the construction industry have been discussed. The study contributes to the literature on construction management in the context of developing countries.
Danso, H., & Manu, D. (2013). High cost of materials and land acquisition problems in the construction industry in Ghana. International Journal of Research in Engineering & Applied Sciences, 3(3), 18-33.