Use of Palm Kernel Shells as a Partial Replacement of Chippings in Terrazzo Floor Finish

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Yalley, Paa Kofi Peter
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International Journal of Civil Engineering Research
As a way of ensuring environmental sustainability and efficient use of resources, there has been the promotion of building materials which are natural and renewable and can be found locally. This study examined the use of palm kernel shell, as partial replacement for terrazzo chippings in terrazzo production. Terrazzo specimens with 0%, 15%, 30% and 45% palm kernel shells (by volume) as replacement of terrazzo chippings were cast, cured at 28-day curing age and tested for mechanical and physical properties. The result indicated that, the densities of specimens decreased as the palm kernel content increased. The ccompressive strengths of the specimens exhibited the same trend as the densities. All the compressive strength of the specimens fell within the recommended range of 20 – 34.5MPa, by ASTM C 109/C 109M. The rate of water absorption and wearing was higher with higher palm kernel replacement. However, the water absorption and abrasion resistance for all the specimen, fell below the Jordanian standard maximum values of 0 - 8% and 0 - 6.7 g/cm. In view of the above findings, palm kernel shells, up to 45% replacement, can be recommended as a partial replacement of terrazzo chippings in terrazzo floor finish.
Yalley, P. P. (2018). Use of palm kernel shells as a partial replacement of chippings in terrazzo floor finish. International Journal of Civil Engineering Research, 9(1), 35-47.