Comparative analysis of convergence times between RIP And EIGRP routing protocols in a network

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Boansi, Oliver Kuffour
Panford, Joseph Kobina
Yehuza, Rasheeda Mendeeya
Riverson, Kwabena
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Research Journal of Computer Science
The convergence time of a network is very essential to a network. Networks that converge faster are considered to be very reliable. Users of the network appreciate it when they are always able to access resources. The research was carried out to compare the convergence of two routing protocols namely RIP and EIGRP. Network scenarios were created and a simulation was performed using packet tracer to measure the convergence times of both protocols separately. Results indicated that EIGRP had the fastest convergence time and both protocols’ convergences were not affected by a change in topology. This will help network administrators in their choice of protocols
Panford, J. K., Riverson, K., Oliver, B. K., & Yehuza, R. M. (2015). Comparative Analysis Of Convergence Times Between RIP And EIGRP Routing Protocols In A Network. Journal of Computer Science, 2(3), 1-11.