The Appropriate Use of Elements and Principles of Design in Garment Construction by Dressmakers and Tailors in the Ho Municipality of Ghana

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Appiah, Ninette Afi
Obinnim, Elizabeth Dzigbordi
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International Journal of Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology
Elements and principles of design are essential to every art form. They work together to produce pleasing garment designs. Arranging them well creates a feeling of completeness in a garment. The study assessed the application of the elements and principles of design in garment development by dress makers and tailors in the Ho Municipality of Ghana. This is essential in addressing the challenges dressmakers and tailors face during designing and garment construction. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods was used for the study as it allowed for detailed description of dresses sewn by tailors and dressmakers in the municipality. Questionnaires were administered to dressmakers and tailors to gather the needed data. Simple random sampling was used in selecting the tailors and dressmakers for the study. The study shows that, most dressmaker and tailors in the municipality do not have much understanding of the use of elements and principles of design and its application in creating aesthetically appealing garment designs
Obinnim, E., & Pongo, N. (2017). The appropriate use of elements and principles of design in garment construction by dressmakers and tailors in the ho municipality of Ghana–Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 4 (4).