Occupational health and safety practices among vehicle repair artisans in an urban area in Ghana

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Dwumfour-Asare, Bismark
Isaac, Monney
Owusu-Mensah, Isaac
Richard, Amankwah Kuffour
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Journal of Environmental and Occupational Science
Aim: The aim of the study was to assess the extent of work-related injuries and illnesses, access to first aid, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), fire safety measures and hand hygiene practices among vehicle repair artisans. Materials and Methods: Study respondents were 100 vehicle repair artisans comprising of 28 Auto mechanics, 20 electricians, 26 welders, 18 sprayers, and 8 automobile interior designers selected by simple random sampling. Semi-structured questionnaires, extensive field observations and key informant interviews were used to collect primary data in 2013/2014 and analyzed with Minitab version 16 in 2014. Results: Close to two-thirds (64%) of the artisans have sustained work-related injuries mostly resulting from cuts and burns. Respondents’ marital status (P = 0.014) and the type of work (P = 0.037) were found to be significantly associated with the incidence of physical injury, in contrast to their level of education (P = 0.874) and work experience (P = 0.203). Seventy-eight percent of the artisans lack training in fire safety and besides, basic firefighting equipment are non-existent in the workshops visited. Self-medication after injury (55%; N = 64) and ignorance in first aid administration (92%) are common among the artisans. Further, due to the physical exertions required by their work, most artisans (N = 57) experience musculoskeletal disorders. Use of PPE (27%) and proper hand hygiene practices (28%; N = 98) are generally ignored by the artisans posing possible health risks. Conclusions: Vehicle repair workers need to be educated on the dangers associated with their work and the best practices to be adopted to curb or forestall these risks.
Monney, I., Bismark, D. A., Isaac, O. M., & Kuffour, R. A. (2014). practices among vehicle repair artisans in an urban area in Ghana. J Environ Occup Sci, 3(3), 147.