Ergonomic Functionality of Classroom Furniture in Senior High Schools in Ghana

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Effah, Bernard
Boampong, Ernest
Kessels Dadzie, Peter
Osei, Asibey
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International Journal of Advanced Science & Technology
Classroom furniture is an important facility that helps to provide a conducive, comfortable and functional classroom environment for students in educational institutions. The comfort and functional utility of classroom furniture depends on its physical design in relation to the physical structure and biomechanics of the human body. An observation and evaluation study was conducted to explore the type of furniture used by students in classroom environment and their opinions were drawn on the design. A systematic random sampling method was used to choose a sample of 120 students from a population of 482 students. The subjective evaluation of the health problem of the students was made by questionnaire technique. Postural analyses of the students during normal classroom lessons were made by video photographic method as well as direct observation methods. The outcome of the study revealed that one type of furniture (mono-desk) as seat to one student at a time was found in use and the design features and its dimensions were the same. The features like seat width, and height, backrest height, thigh clearance, footrest and lumbar support were found to be incompatible to the users. The prevalence rate of neck pain according to class, age, sex, weight and height experienced by students were high. The study found significant association between flexed postures and upper back pain. Static postures neck pain and low back pain were also associated.
Boampong, E., Effah, B., Dadzie, P. K., & Asibey, O. (2015). Ergonomic functionality of classroom furniture in senior high schools in Ghana. Int J Adv Sci Technol, 2(1), 6-11.