Occupational Health Hazards among Large-Scale Gold Mineworkers in Ghana

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Dartey, Emmanuel
Monney, Isaac
Sarpong, Kofi
Kuffour, Collins
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Scientific Research Publishing
The mining industry ranks among the most hazardous occu pations globally owing to the high prevalence of workplace accidents. To bet ter protect workers in the industry, there is a need for a comprehensive un derstanding of risk factors, common illnesses and provision of PPE. Objec tive: This study examined the prevalence and underlying risk factors to work-related injuries, common illnesses, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage among mineworkers in two large-scale mining companies in Ghana that consented to participation. Methodology: Two hundred mine workers were selected through stratified sampling in these companies using a semi-structured questionnaire. Chi-square test and binomial logistic regres sion were employed to determine the relationship between the incidence of occupational injury and selected risk factors using R studio. Results: The re sults showed that more than a tenth (16%; n = 31) of mineworkers had sus tained physical injuries since being employed—mostly lacerations (53%). Out of those injured, (85%; n = 22) reportedly sustain an injury annually. A little more than half (57%; n = 112) of the mineworkers work for more than 40 hours per week. Injuries were significantly associated with the type of profes sion at the mine (p = 0.04; χ 2 = 4.3)—Technicians and Mechanics were more likely to be injured. Although not statistically significant, working for more than 40 hours/week doubled the odds of being injured at the workplace (aOR = 1.77; 95% CI: −0.27 - 1.48). The topmost illnesses among mineworkers were musculoskeletal pains (MSPs) [53%] and headaches (35%). About two-thirds (65%) had all the needed PPEs for their work. Safety goggles were the predo minant PPE reportedly lacking among the mineworkers (16%; n = 31). Con clusion: There is a need for targeted training/intervention programmes and adoption of assistive ergonomic devices to protect mineworkers.
Dartey, E., Monney, I., Sarpong, K., & Kuffour, C. (2022). Occupational Health Hazards among Large-Scale Gold Mineworkers in Ghana. Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine, 10(03), 149-166.