Construction Workers’ Satisfaction with Work Provision Requirement Dimensions in Ghana’s Construction Industry

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Danso, Humphery.
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International Journal of Engineering and Technology
This paper, sought to empirically assess and analyze workers’ satisfaction with different dimensions of work provision requirement of the construction industry in Ghana. It involved a cross-sectional survey that used a self-administered structured questionnaire administered to five hundred respondents of building construction workers. The findings indicate that though workers are satisfied with some work provision requirement dimension items significantly, most of the workers are very dissatisfied with working environment and work benefit of the work provision requirement in Ghana. The management of construction firms in Ghana and policy makers are called upon to focus and redirect attention and effort to ensuring that work provision requirement that workers are dissatisfied with are improved significantly to meet workers expectations. The paper contributes to the general body of knowledge in the area of workers’ satisfaction in developing countries particularly in Ghana’s construction industry. Theoretical and managerial implications are discussed.
Danso, H. (2012). Construction workers’ satisfaction with work provision requirement dimensions in Ghana’s construction industry. International Journal of Engineering and technology, 2(9), 1613-1619.