Physico-Mechanical and Thermal Gravimetric Analysis of Adobe Masonry Units Reinforced with Plantain Pseudo-Stem Fibres for Sustainable Construction

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Danso, Humphery
Ige, Olubisi
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This study investigated the physico-mechanical and thermal properties of plantain pseudo-stem fibre reinforced adobe masonry units. Experimental protocols with 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1% weight of fibres to soil were used to prepare adobe masonry unit and tested for their properties. The fibre reinforced specimens recorded 53 and 33% improvement of tensile strength and compressive strength, respectively as compared with the unreinforced specimens. It was further revealed that the fibre reinforced adobe specimen had 18.42% more thermal resistance than the unreinforced adobe specimen. The study recommends plantain pseudo-stem fibre (0.5-0.75%) for inclusion in adobe masonry units for construction application.
Ige, O., & Danso, H. (2021). Physico-mechanical and thermal gravimetric analysis of adobe masonry units reinforced with plantain pseudo-stem fibres for sustainable construction. Construction and Building Materials, 273, 121686.