Challenges faced by university hostel managers in the Greater Accra region of Ghana

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Simpeh, F
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University Hostel Managers
Most universities provide hostels to promote the living and learning experience as well as the wellbeing of students. However, the managers of the hostels are generally faced with several challenges that hinder their effectiveness. This paper explores the challenges of university hostel managers in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, with the aim of providing empirical information that will help to develop a better understanding of hostel managers’ challenges. Data was qualitatively collected by means of interviews; a total of 5 interviews were carried out in five universities. The data was thematically analysed. It became evident that university hostel managers in Ghana face both management and student related challenges. The general management related challenges were; insufficient funds and budget reduction, slow response to maintenance requests, and centralised management approach. The dominant student related challenges were students disregard for hostel rules and regulations such as students changing the paints of rooms as well as fixing carpets with glues, vandalism and misuse of facilities. Other student related challenges highlighted were; petty quarrelling, students’ inability to pay hostel fees timeously and students disposing off facilities. The study provides invaluable information that contribute to filling the knowledge gap in the area of hostel managers’ challenges. This study provides empirical evidence that can help university management to better understand and mitigate hostel managers’ challenges. It is recommended that university management give priority to the hostels and reconsider the budget allocated for managing the hostels.
Simpeh, F. (2018, August). Challenges faced by university hostel managers in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. In Procs 7th Applied Research Conference in Africa.(ARCA) Conference (pp. 1-3).