Predicting the engineering properties of concrete using acanthus montanus fibre

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Yalley, Paa Kofi Peter
Braimah, K.
Twumasi, O.W.
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International Journal of Engineering Science Invention
Acanthus montanus (Natural Sponge) fibre is abundant in Ghanaian forest. The Density, Compressive, Tensile strengths and Toughness of concrete reinforced with Acanthus montanus fibre were evaluated. A basic mix ratio of 1:1.5:3.0/0.5 (cement: sand: stones/wc) was used for the concrete with/without fibre. Fibre weight fraction of 0.25%, 0.50%, and 0.75% was added to concrete with varying wc ratios of 0.45, 0.50 and 0.55. The specimens were prepared, cured and tested in accordance with BS1881: 1982. Specimen with 0.75% fibre and 0.50 wc ratio had tensile strength of 4.09N/mm2 , 18% over the plain concrete. There was improvement of toughness by about 6% over the plain concrete with 0.75% fibre addition and 0.5 wc ratio. However, the addition of fibre did not improve the compressive strength. The specimen with 0.25% of fibre content and w/c of 0.5 had the highest compressive strength of 38 N/mm2 , among the fibre enhanced concrete, which is 5% lower than the plain concrete. The results of the study support the conclusion that addition of Natural Sponge fibre up to 0.75% (by weight of cement) is suitable enhancement of concrete where the Tensile strength and ductility of the concrete is emphasized for engineering purposes.
Braimah, K., Yalley, P. P., & Twumasi, O. W. Predicting the engineering properties of concrete using acanthus montanus fibre.