A Scientometric Review of Student Housing Research Trends

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Fredrick, Simpeh
Mariam, Akinlolu
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Earth and Environmental Science
This paper presents a scientometric review of student housing studies; exploring the key authors and the collaborations among authors and countries, as well as the research trends with the aim of identifying gaps in this area of research where more studies is required. The VOSviewer software (version 1.6.13) was used for a Scientometrics review of 65 student housing publications from 2000 to 2020. The analysis focused on bibliographic coupling of countries, co-authorship of authors, citation of documents, and co-occurrence of keywords, which were further presented as network visualization maps. Scopus database was selected as the only data source. Therefore, the representation of publications presented in this study are limited to only one data source. The findings revealed that there is a satisfactory level of international collaboration in this research area. United Kingdom had the strongest link whilst Saudi Arabia had the weakest link. Both the keywords and documents citation analysis revealed three main trend of student housing research, i.e. residential satisfaction, post occupancy evaluation, and studentification. Gaps identified where more research is required include sustainable student housing, student housing safety and prioritisation of student’s requirement. This study provides invaluable information on the research trends in student housing studies. Thus, helping to identify gaps where more research is required.
Simpeh, F., & Akinlolu, M. (2021, February). A scientometric review of student housing research trends. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 654, No. 1, p. 012015). IOP Publishing.