Overview of the uniqueness and value of facility management

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Fredrick, Simpeh
Winston, Shakantu
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CIB World Building Congress
The article aims to contribute to the discussions on the parameters that defines Facility Management (FM) and how the adoption of the FM approach can affect the bottom-line of organisations. The paper is based on previous published literature on FM. Articles, conference proceedings, books and unpublished thesis on FM as well as websites of FM associations were used as main references. The approach used to analyse the literature was content analysis. The analysis reveals that the uniqueness of FM lies in its integrative approach, the role it plays, its focus and the purpose it serves in an organisation. It also became apparent that the greatest value of applying the FM approach is well informed decision making on the facilities and facility services of an organisation; this reflects on the place (e.g. workplace) which further influences the facility users (e.g. employees) and their performance and ultimately the profit, bottom-line, of an organisation. The information provided in this article will broaden FM professionals understanding on how the application of the principles of FM could create value in an organisation. Moreover, this article elaborates on how the value of FM could translate to profit. Although, several articles on FM exist, articles that focuses on the parameters that set FM apart and the value chain of FM is lacking. This article contributes to the body of knowledge in this area.
Simpeh, F., & Shakantu, W. (2019). Overview of the uniqueness and value of facility management. Methodology, 17, 21.