The Impact of Social Media Political Activists on Voting Patterns

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Adasa Nkrumah Kof Frimpong
Gabriel Nyame
Ping Li
Md Altab Hossin
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Political Behavior
This paper investigates how social media afects general voting patterns. Unlike pre vious studies investigating whether citizens’ use of social media afects political par ticipation, this paper considers the connections that social media users have with political activists on social media, and how this connectedness infuences general voting patterns, using data from Ghana. With contemporary theoretical perspectives and exploratory techniques, trends from past literature are presented, from a social media-based propagated survey with 420 valid responses. Structural equation mod eling was used to test the conceptual model, which demonstrates that the connected ness with political and social media activists is signifcant and positively infuences modifcations in voting patterns. Online political participation and political afect also present an efect on voting patterns. The relationship between connections with social media political activists and online political participation is signifcant, as indicated by a strong covariance observed in the model. The results of the multi group analysis also indicate some cultural and social issues to shape the phenomena for further investigation.
Kofi Frimpong, A. N., Li, P., Nyame, G., & Hossin, M. A. (2022). The impact of social media political activists on voting patterns. Political Behavior, 1-54.