African migrants in Japan: Social capital and economic integrationAfrican migrants in Japan: Social capital and economic integration

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Akwasi, Agyeman Edmond
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Asian and Pacific Migration Journa
This study examines the strategies that African migrants in Japan adopt to build networks and utilize the social capital derived from the networks to achieve socio-economic integration and mobility in Japanese society. It is based on a field study conducted within the Tokyo metropolitan area in 2012. The study shows that in spite of racial prejudice, the African migrants in Japan build and draw heavily on bridging and linking social networks to promote economic integration. They develop these cross-cultural networks and capital through intermarriage with Japanese women, friendship and business ties with African Americans, Japanese youth and Japan’s business community. For some migrants, their high educational background facilitated their economic integration in Japanese society.
Agyeman, E. A. (2015). African migrants in Japan: Social capital and economic integration. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 24(4), 463-486.