Evaluation of Processed Cassava Flour and Blood (PCB) in feed for Broiler Chickens

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Kwabla Zanu, Holy
Dei, H.K
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African Journal of Food Science and Technology
A six (6) week feeding trial was conducted to assess the effect of processed cassava flour and fresh blood labeled PCB on the growth performance of broiler chickens. Ninety (90) 2-week old broiler chickens were randomly selected in groups of 15 with mean initial liveweight of 276.6g per bird. Two iso-nitrogenous (19%) and iso-caloric (12.0 ME MJ/Kg) dietary treatments were tested: T1 (Maize + concentrate + wheat bran) and T2 (PCB + concentrate + wheat bran). Completely Randomized Design was used and dietary treatment was replicated thrice. There was no significant difference (P<0.05) in weight gain and final weight between birds fed T1 and T2. Birds fed maize-based diet (T1) showed higher (P<0.05) feed intake than their counterparts on PCB-based diet. However, the lower consumption of PCB-based diet did not affect their growth performance. Feed cost was reduced (P<0.05) when PCB was used. No mortality was recorded when PCB was fed to birds. There was no significance difference (P<0.05) in dressed weight, dressing percentage, leg weight and neck between birds fed T1 and T2. There was however significant difference (P<0.05) in gizzard weight, head weight and intestine weight between birds fed maize-based diet (T1) and PCB-based diet (T2). It was concluded that feeding PCB has favourable nutritional effect on growth performance of broilers and can serve as a substitute for maize in concentrate-based diet.
Zanu, H. K., & Dei, H. K. (2011). Evaluation of processed cassava flour and blood (pcb) in feed for broiler chickens. Afr J Food Sci Technol, 2, 98-101.