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    Flow and heat transfer in water based liquid film fluids dispensed with graphene nanoparticles
    (Elsevier, 2018) Zuhra, S.; Khan, N. S.; Islam, S.; Khan, W.; Bonyah, E.
    The unsteady flow and heat transfer characteristics of electrically conducting water based thin liquid film non-Newtonian (Casson and Williamson) nanofluids dispensed with graphene nanoparticles past a stretching sheet are considered in the presence of transverse magnetic field and non-uniform heat source/sink. Embedding the graphene nanoparticles effectively amplifies the thermal conductivity of Casson and Williamson nanofluids. Ordinary differential equations together with the boundary conditions are obtained through similarity variables from the governing equations of the problem, which are solved by the HAM (Homotopy Analysis Method). The solution is expressed through graphs and illustrated which show the influences of all the parameters. The convergence of the HAM solution for the linear operators is obtained. Favorable comparison with previously published research paper is performed to show the correlation for the present work. Skin friction coefficient and Nusselt number are presented through Tables and graphs which show the validation for the achieved results demonstrating that the thin liquid films results from this study are in close agreement with the results reported in the literature. Results achieved by HAM and residual errors are evaluated numerically, given in Tables and also depicted graphically which show the accuracy of the present work.