Observer-Based Finite-Time Modified Projective Synchronization of Multiple Uncertain Chaotic Systems and Applications to Secure Communication Using DNA Encoding

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Appiagyei, Ebenezer
Luo, Jing
Zhao, Liang
Xiong, Zhili
Qu, Shaocheng
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IEEE Access
This paper studies an observer-based finite-time scheme for two modified projective synchro nization modes, including the synchronization of multiple uncertain chaotic response systems to one drive system and transmission synchronization. First, a finite-time super-twisting observer is designed to estimate the uncertain terms. Then, a finite-time controller is proposed to guarantee the chaos synchronization, and the numerical simulations illustrate the efficiency and robustness of the proposed strategy. Finally, the appli cations based on chaos synchronization which include masking encryption and secure communication of the color image using DNA encoding are validated
Luo, J., Qu, S., Xiong, Z., Appiagyei, E., & Zhao, L. (2019). Observer-based finite-time modified projective synchronization of multiple uncertain chaotic systems and applications to secure communication using DNA encoding. IEEE Access, 7, 65527-65543.