An Exploratory Study on the Null Curriculum in the Basic Education System in Ghana

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Asare, Kotor
Boateng, Philip
Caballes, Dennis G.
Aboaye, Osei Michael
Anane, Vivian
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Anatolian Journal of Education
This study explored the prevalence of the null curriculum in the Ghanaian basic school education system. It also sought to identify the main reasons behind teachers' omission of specific topics or experiences from the basic school curriculum.Three hundred seventy-five basic school teachers from kindergarten, primary, and junior high schools participated in the study. A 32-item self-designed questionnaire was used to collect data for the analysis. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. The study participants identified lack of resources, the problematic nature of some topics, insufficient time, and inadequate knowledge and skills as factors contributing to the prevalence of null curriculum in Ghanaian schools. The findings show that a null curriculum is prevalent in the Ghanaian basic education system. The study found no statistically significant difference between teacher characteristics (i.e., teacher status and grade level) and the reasons behind omitting some topics or experiences. Implications of the study findings for educational theory and practice are discussed.
Boateng, P., Caballes, D. G., Aboagye, M. O., Asare, K., & Anane, V. (2023). An Exploratory Study on the Null Curriculum in the Basic Education System in Ghana. Anatolian Journal of Education, 8(1).