Level of Awareness of Effects of the Use of Cosmetic Bleaching Products among Women: A Case Study of Bolgatanga Municipality of Ghana

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Dartey, Emmanuel
A. Kuffour, Richard
Owusu, Wellington
M. Dabuoh, Philip
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Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
This study intends to find out the level of awareness of the harmful effects of cosmetic bleaching products among women in Bolgatanga municipality of Ghana. The study also investigated the motives for skin bleaching as well as observing any physical manifestation of bleaching effects on the skin. Structured questionnaire was the main instrument used for the data collection. The questionnaires were administered in ten (10) selected communities in the Bolgatanga Municipality from which one hundred and twenty (120) women were randomly selected. The results showed that 39.2% of the women interviewed used cosmetics bleaching products, 9 women representing 7.5% experienced related side-effects and 82.4% had no knowledge on the side effects of these bleaching products. Chi-square analysis showed that lack of formal education could account for their ignorance. High amount of sunshine in addition to skin bleaching could serve as a predisposing factor which would lead to the contraction of skin cancer. The knowledge of the effects of cosmetic bleaching products is an imperative measure in maintaining a healthy skin.
Kuffour, R. A., Dartey, E., Owusu, W., & Dabuoh, P. M. (2014). Level of awareness of effects of the use of cosmetic bleaching products among women: a case study of Bolgatanga Municipality of Ghana. Res Humanit Soc Sci, 4(11), 57-62.