Job Satisfaction and Commitment among Non-Teaching Staff of Universities in Ghana

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Adu-Gyamfi, Mavis
Adu-Oppong, Akua Ahyia
Boahen, Seth
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Universities in Ghana play a greater role in the production of the nation’s human capital for socio-economic development. Both teaching and non-teaching staffs are responsible for producing such calibre of skilled labour to feed the society. Job satisfaction and commitment interplay in the production of this skilled manpower. This study aims at examining job satisfaction and commitment among thenon-teaching staff of the College of Technology of the University of Education Winneba – Kumasi (COLTEK) and their effects on job performance. The case study strategy was used to help explain the dynamics of job satisfaction and commitment at the University College. The data utilised for the study were from primary and secondary sources in which data collection instruments mainly used for primary data were questionnaires and observation whereas books, journals, newspapers and Internet were sources of secondary data. The response rate for the questionnaires was 93%. The mean and standard deviation test were also used as the basis for the data analysis. The study established that 74% of the aggregate commitment served perfectly the average of both the affective, continuance and normative commitment. The affective commitment domain increased an individual’s satisfaction on a job by 76% whereas the continuance commitment domain exhibition of both senior and junior staffs of theUniversity of Education increased their satisfaction by 75%. The normative commitment domain, on the other hand, increased satisfaction with a 70% satisfaction on the job. Thus, the study concluded that the management of College of Technology Education - Kumasi should make conscious efforts to map out the exact strategies to roll out an effective condition of service to boost the confidence of staffs (senior and junior) to reduce employee turnover.
Adu-Gyamfi, M., Adu-Oppong, A. A., & Boahen, S. (2017). Job satisfaction and commitment among non-teaching staff of universities in Ghana. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, 6(5).