Importance-Performance Analysis For Modelling Maintenance Prioritisation In Higher Institutions

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Simpeh, Fredrick
Zainu, Mohamed
Andreas, Hartmann
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Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation
University maintenance departments are usually constrained by limited funds. To set priorities therefore becomes important as it ensures the suitable utilisation of resources. The research on which this article reports applied an importance-performance analysis (IPA) to aid the process of prioritising the lecture theatres performance parameters (maintenance needs) according to students’ expectation and satisfaction. Three lecture theatres were selected by means of a purposive sampling method as cases for the study; a questionnaire, with both closed and open ended questions was then used to collect data from the students. The IPA model together with both descriptive and inferential statistics was used to analyse the data. The study revealed that students perceived the satisfaction of all the performance parameters of lecture theatres as below the level of importance. However aesthetics, structural safety and lighting appear to be performing satisfactory even though they were below student’s satisfaction; whereas, thermal comfort, ventilation, fire safety & exit, acoustic control, and cleanliness are clearly underperforming and require immediate attention. The recommendations based on the findings can help the maintenance department of the institution to prioritise the maintenance needs of the lecture theatres to enhance performance (utility). With this article the author also demonstrates the practicality of the use of IPA model to aid the process of prioritising the maintenance needs of the buildings in an institution.
Simpeh, F., Mohamed, Z., & Hartmann, A. (2014). Importance-performance analysis for modelling maintenance prioritisation in higher institutions. Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation, 4(2), 976-989.