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    An Efficacy of Anti-hyperglycemic Agents (Nigella sativa) in Blood, Body Weight and Glucose levels of Diabetes Mellitus Rats: A Comprehensive Review
    (International Journal of Health Sciences and Research, 2023-01) Ofori,S.A; Yeboah,E.O; Amissah-Reynolds,P.K; Owusu,P; Amankwah Philip
    There is a large global trend toward the use of medicinal herbs for the treatment of diabetes, and many people employ complementary and alternative medicine. The objective of the study was to provide comprehensive information on the effects of Nigella sativa on lipid profile, glucose level, and body weight in diabetic-induced rats. This is a comprehensive review carried out through PubMed, Science Direct, Google scholar and Springer and other Scientific Electronic Library Online databases, using the keywords; “N. sativa”, “black seed”, “diabetes”, “glucose”, “lipid”, “Weight”, and “insulin” associated with the Boolean operator “AND”. At first, 241 articles from 2000 to 2022 were discovered. Following the application of the specified inclusion and exclusion criteria, 21 papers were still available, and 15 underwent complete reading, after which all were included in the study. According to their findings, N. sativa has a variety of possible mechanisms for controlling hyperglycemia and abnormal lipid profiles, including its antioxidant properties and influences on insulin secretion, glucose absorption and body weight. However, further clinical studies are required to determine the N. sativa therapeutic benefits, as well as the kind and dose that work best for managing diabetes and its consequences.